CSS fixes

CSS fixes

Since I released this blog with new-everything (or as my favourite local literature meetups call it, "new shit"), I've received comments that it looks awesome on mobile, but the font looks too big on a desktop, and I agree. At first I didn't want to bother with digging into the CSS myself because I hate that, and was going to just find another theme altogether to replace it.

Unfortunately there's no other Grav theme as simplistic as this one for blogging. So I turned to the CSS of this theme in particular (TwentyFifteen by WordPress) and checked if the font might have been a common problem for this theme in the first place. Turned out it was, and someone has kindly published the CSS code to bypass the font issue, since three years ago. (Thank you!)

I like to get myself lost in theme hunting, but it feels good to fix the one I'm using instead of replacing it with yet another theme.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash