When freshly sprouted leaves of Spring trees dance between rays of sunlight, the whole tree gives a pleasing visual akin to a shining, polished emerald. It glimmers and radiates its powerful colour, just like a gemstone.

Trees are very much a variety of an emerald. Not one that can conveniently placed around your body and definitely doesn’t stay forever green, but leave them alone and they will continue to shine with the same pleasing visual of nature as a gem, to which is also created by nature.

They are also a living gem, a powerful symbol of life energy. It takes time, but leave them unchecked and they will make their way to grow so big and wide. And they will keep growing. And stay at their majestic size.

Despite their powerful potential, their presence is a lot more wimpy in the hearts of corporate capitalism. Modern architecture of economic centres established their control over the land, forcing the trees to limit their potential. They grow a lot thinner, with less glimmer and the energy of life.

They are still strong, however. And if left unchecked, they will reclaim the land.