IT's All In Your Head

You walk through the darkness, deep into the night The chilling breath of night breeze is ever drawing nigh You look ‘round and ‘round for a sign to pinpoint a fault That let you blame, for the rising fear burning up your chest The ghosts, the wraiths, the monsters, whatever you can name No naked eyes can see them, even though you can feel them So you brush off their existence without a care, because you know It’s all just in your head

The door opens, embracing you into your own shelter Home sweet home, you shut the darkness away without a care Light comes on, there is blood crawling down from your four corners And that’s okay, because they can’t be real. They cannot be real. You enter the shower, brush your teeth, all that usual routine In the crimson leak of a thousand souls urging to be seen Nevermind the voice in the background, screaming “What have you done!?” You know it’s just inside your head

By all means deal with it using your cold, calm and cool Put on a mask of frost that freeze all intruders coming through A howling wind chases you down as if you are the culprit Well what have you done exactly? You are innocent Blame it all on the evil that lurks late at night The ghosts, the wraiths, the monsters, whatever you want to call them For this is no mortal’s doing, all those senses of foreboding All that came from your head

In the centre of your four corners, you enjoy the blanket of the night Let the illusionary blood run, they’ll disappear in some sudden Yet something feels amiss, it’s too empty to be right Didn’t you have a family, a lover and angelic children? They are better off being real angels, above this haunted world For you have to suffer through the monsters of the night In your sleep, in your dreams, your waking hours, your rest That which all came from your head

You feel watched. The blood running on the walls, coming to life These runny souls look into you through their crimson filters You are not alone. They come for you. They demand answers To the question that echoes in the night breeze outside your door The monsters did it, you screamed, leave me alone at once It’s no man’s doing, but how can imaginary monsters kill so much? These vengeful souls are just looking for someone to blame They are all inside their heads

The blood has reached the floor, seeping towards you Your own four corners are now turning against you Just how far can your go to maintain the illusions Before they crumble at the face of reality and truth? You look at your abode that is no longer yours What’s real and what’s not has blurred into irrelevance You have sinned like the rest, there’s no denying it Even though you know it’s all in your head

Result of my first NaNoWriMo 2016 word war, with a Halloween theme.