Ode To A Lonely Soul

I bear the curse of a strange fate I am never where my love would stay I operate pumps of tears that would go to waste My poor heart, try not to break

Gracious is love when we doth share Our minds and souls sparked a flare I took you into my dark deep cocoon I welcomed an impending doom

Joy was the definition to our fluttering hearts When we hid ourselves into the deep and the dark Irrelevant was the cruel world, as we were whole In closeness did our truest selves unfold

Love is no freedom, and we need to fly Such was one of many dimensions we admitted In rainy fallen Jacaranda, it was time to say goodbye One last touch, then until next we unite

I return to a soulless wasteland In emptiness I long for your touch We need to move on for our own goals Yet in love’s warmth do our blood flow

How can I not admit joy, how can I not admit sorrow? In love and despair we tasted light and darkness We are both sides of the same coin Rotating in an eternal chase of day and night

You were my dreams that came true Now I will only see you in dreams Till the cycle of my curse repeats To keep me linger as a lonely soul