My blog title may be bad, but I’m keeping it   Recently updated !

Here’s why: Video games had been a major part of my teenage and early young adult life. It’s where my first relationship began, where it ended, where I met friends from all over the world, where I learned about the world. Even with a slight fear against traveling back then, I still learned a lot […]


Motivational Monday – Labour Day   Recently updated !

It’s public holiday for Western Australia today, plus next Monday for Victoria, Australia. The holiday was to celebrate the awareness of a healthy work-life balance, promoting 8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours of rest. The overworked Hong Kongers (and probably Americans) would be jealous, not only because the Ozzies get a public holiday […]

I failed to complete Blogging 101 in February, and I’m determined to try again in March with a different approach – posts for every single day for this month have been planned out, taking the available blogging events on Daily Post as references and inspirations.

With the failure of last month’s participation also brought to me a lot of lessons, for example I have zero personal time during night shift for work, since night shift completely drains my energy to the point that all I do would be work and sleep. Days like that require me to plan my posts ahead of time, so that I either pre-write them or only a short, easy article will be published.

To those who are fellow Blogging 101 students, good luck and let’s survive this together! As for everyone including my classmates, I hope you enjoy what my global senses will have to offer.

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Hello everyone, meet Rovine 2

Towards the end of my university life in Australia before I returned to Hong Kong, I did a thesis on cultural differences with web interfaces between Chinese, American and Australian educational websites. The effort ended up being channelled mostly on the cultural comparisons, instead of design aspects of web interfaces itself. During my life as […]

NaBloPoMo February 2015 and Daily Post Blogging 101 2

February is going to be a busy month for me to revive this blog and get into the habit of keeping it alive. I have signed up for NaBloPoMo from BlogHer and Blogging 101 course from Daily Post. Head to both or one of those if you’re interested. Add your blog to the blogroll of […]

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I’ve been to places throughout October, and I got a lot lining up to write about. However it is November now and I have to get on with a novel I’ll be writing for absolutely no reason beyond fun. Will get back to this in December.