Origin: Hong Kong

Welcome to my new website. Let’s start with my home – Hong Kong.

Central district - Hong Kong Island

Pearl of the Orient, Pearl of the Easts, the Shopping Heaven, these are the names to the public that Hong Kong has come to be known as. Like most other major cities / capitals of each countries, the public beauty of Hong Kong certainly does not fall short on the international scale. Its night life is ever illuminated, activities ever thrive on its streets, there is no boredom. There is no dull moment.

But everyone probably already knows all those fabulous things Hong Kong has to market itself with, considering the high ratio of foreign people who take an interest in visiting Hong Kong some day. Feel free to look up all the other wonderful features Hong Kong has to offer in your own time; What I’m going to talk about here are things about Hong Kong that you don’t really hear about – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

An ordinary day at the market - Tsuen Wan

A psychedelic city, a crowdy living hell, concrete pandemonium with seemingly eternal social and emotional conflicts – these are the names I crown the home that I love and hate. Like that particular family member in your household, no matter how much you hate him or her, it does not change the fact that you are blood related, and you still have to care for that fact alone.

Pedestrian bridge on Sunday afternoon - Central

No amount of words can emphasise the emotional stress that is invisibly weighing on everyone’s shoulder in this dreadful city. The place is under heavy social and emotional conflict – having gotten used to British system only to have mainland China government assimilating everything this generation had ever known; Herd mentality is strong, coming from a collective thinking culture; Highly egoistic and competitive society due to its dense population. It may be fun to travel here once in a while, but living here is not for the faint of heart.

There are places of escapism here, but there is always an echo of industrial hum in the air, ringing in my head that probably shouldn’t be born here.

In the future series of A Day Of Life In Hong Kong, I will continue to introduce different places and culture of Hong Kong, that are less known to those unfamiliar with Cantonese, or Chinese altogether.